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We are a company of coffee enthusiasts. In a nutshell – Red Roaster is a Coffee consultancy company, a bespoke wholesaler, broker and roaster. We like to work with companies who know what they need help on, or would like to know where they can improve on their quality. Our primary focus will be for coffee roasters or cafe roasters no matter the size, as long as they are a quality focused company. On occasion we also work with other types of companies where coffee is maybe not the main component of their business, but require guidance with improving their coffee. The number of companies we work with is very limited, as we like to spend more time with fewer companies to form a strong bond.

“We believe that coffee is a community and we should look out for our own. That’s why we try to use Direct Trade models, and suppliers who directly source from farmers, which gives them better wages and improves communication across the supply chain. Everybody wins..”

James Macleod | Founder, Red Roaster