What the deal?

One of the simplest and easiest ways to make great coffee.

What you’ll need

You’ll need a cafetiere, coffee, a grinder, a measuring spoon or scales, a timer, kettle and cups


1. For best results, grind your coffee fresh before use. Use a Burr grinder that cuts the beans in a controlled way for more consistent extraction. Blade grinders chop the beans very unevenly leading to bitter coffee. For cafetiere coffee grind coarse and allow a long (4 min) extraction time for a rich and balanced brew.

2. Measure the coffee – use 7g, per serving,about one heaped dessert spoonful per cup. An 8-Cup cafetiere will take 55-60g for a full rounded brew.

3. After the kettle has boiled, allow 30 secs or so for the temperature to drop below 96 degrees C then briskly pour just enough water to saturate the grounds. Swirl the bottom of the cafetiere to thoroughly wet the grounds as they bloom up.

4. Pour the rest of the water to fill the cafetiere to just below the rim or spout. After a few seconds gently tap the cafetiere on the table to knock back the head created by fresh coffee gassing off on contact with the water. For best results, after one minute stir the grounds briefly and top up with water if required.

5. Gently place the lid with the plunger resting on top of the grounds and leave for another 3-4 minutes

6. Gently plunge the coffee and enjoy.

7. Don’t hold cafetiere brewed coffee in a thermos, drink immediately – use less coffee and water if you only want to half fill.