What it’s about 

From a heyday in the 1970’s these machines are once again becoming popular as coffee lovers re-discover single origin coffees and their sublime pleasures versus Espresso for best results, grind your coffee fresh before use. Use a Burr grinder that cuts the beans in a controlled way for more consistent extraction. Blade grinders chop the beans very unevenly leading to bitter coffee. For Filter coffee grind medium- fine, so that the water collects enough flavour as it passes quickly through the grounds


What you’ll need


1. If using a permanent filter, ensure this is clean and free of oils. If using paper filters, use non bleached paper and run small amount of water over first to remove any starchy taste.


2. Measure with scoop provided by manufacturer or traditional dessert spoon – one per cup as indicated by the capacity of the machine (e.g. 10 cup machine – 10 scoops). DON’T SKIMP as this will only make your coffee bitter. Filter machines are very inflexible and only really work best when brewing their full capacity. if your coffee is too strong add water AFTER brewing to preserve the correct balance but diluted to your preference.


3. Fill machine reservoir with fresh cold water and switch on to brew. AS SOON as the water stops flowing in a constant stream from the filter into the jug, pull the jug away and discard the filter and used coffee so that over extracted drops do not fall into the jug. drink immediately or transfer to a thermos jug. do not hold the coffee on the machine hotplate (will turn bitter within 20 mins).