What the deal?

If used right these are the most cost effective way to make great Espresso machine style coffee without shelling out as much money on a big machine. In principle they work in a similar way and are great for an intense and bittersweet rendition of many different coffees. If you like your coffee with bite and intensity, this may be for you, although it is easy to burn the coffee – a little care will provide great rewards. You can’t rush a Stovetop!


What you’ll need


You’ll need a stovetop / Moka Pot, an electric kettle or other device to boil water in, coffee, a good quality burr grinder, a heat source (electric or gas stove), hot pads, a bar towel, and cups.


1. Although often referred to as an espresso maker, these great little gadgets do make a strong coffee but not quite to the same dense viscous style as an authentic espresso machine. As it brews fast, a fine grind is needed – just slightly finer than filter-fine. Very consistent Burr grind is required, blade grinders will not give good results.


2. Fill the lower reservoir with hot, just boiled water to a line just below the safety valve on the side of the reservoir. Don’t fill with cold water or the coffee grounds will bake before the water hits and the flavour will be flattened. CARE – metal will now be hot, handle with a cloth


3. Drop in the filter basket and add your ground coffee to the rim. Gently level out the grounds with a finger run over the top and lightly pack the coffee down into the basket to remove any voids. Ensure no grounds are left on the rim or in the screw threads.


4. Carefully screw on the lid taking care not to spill the water inside and use a cloth to avoid scalds – do not over tighten


5. Place the brewer on the stove – if gas don’t have flame too high or the handle may burn along with your Coffee. You need a low heat, just enough for the water to boil gently. Watch the brew with lid open and remove from heat as soon as a constant stream of coffee starts to appear in the top section. Close lid and leave to finish brewing.


6. Pour as soon as finished and do not leave to sputter all the water into the top container. Keeping the brew short will enhance the taste and body in the coffee.


7. Enjoy!