As a small batch coffee roaster we’re always excited to meet new partners with who share our values and want to deliver exceptional experiences to their customers. We think of our wholesale customers as partners and we’ll do everything we can to help make our relationship a mutually beneficial one. We take on a small number of wholesale accounts at any given time. Depending on your requirements, we may not be able to supply your business immediately, but as we help out partners grow their businesses, they often move on to lager suppliers and we are then able to take in more wholesalers accounts.

let’s have a chat

If you are interested in serving or selling our coffee, let’s find out whether our businesses are likely to be a good fit for each other. Give us a call at 0426812344 or click the link below to send us an email.
**Please note that we currently don’t offer equipment leasing, financial services or any other complicated, expensive and restrictive arrangements. If you buy from us, it’s just our great coffee at a transparent, fair price with flexible, efficient and friendly service. We can also provide bespoke consultancy and a degree of training to get you on your way regardless of you using our coffee or not. Please check our consultancy page if you need bespoke support/consultancy and want us to put a package together for you.